3 Basic Ways to Drape Your Saree For Spacial Occasion

Designer saree is the best option for an Indian woman to shine. The gracefulness and beauty of an Indian woman wearing a designer saree knows no bounds. There are numerous varieties of designer sarees that take place of pride in a lot of women’s wardrobes. There are different combinations, styles, fabrics and designs in the world of designer sarees. There is a specific style and way of wearing each and every one of these options of designer sarees, but the end drape stays almost the same. To wear a saree with the utmost aplomb, some basic requirements have to be fulfilled – you need a petticoat & blouse at the minimum. The petticoat is a skirt worn under the Saree that ensures that your saree is tucked in snug around your waist. The blouse is a short top worn with a saree; this usually ends above the waist so that some skin is on display. You can flaunt a huge variety of blouses with the saree of your choice – you can even wear a crop top if you want to! Same goes with petticoats – while most women refer the cotton petticoats for strong holds, more and more younger women are drawn to satin petticoats for a soft feeling and fitted ones for the perfect figure. To state a very common point, it is advisable to secure your pleats and pallu with some safety pins – you can use an ornamental pin to secure the pallu at your shoulder. In India, every state has a different style of draping the saree. Almost every Indian woman learns how to drape the Indian saree from her mother – it is a major bonding moment. This post will discuss the basic styles of draping your beautiful sarees –

  1. The traditional Drape – this is the simple saree drape that almost every Indian woman wears on a daily basis. This style of saree drape is one that is preferred by middle aged women, mothers and homemakers. It is a fuss free method of draping oneself with a saree for daily purposes. Just make some simple pleats and drape a pallu in mid length – and you are all done. This is a drape that you will see someone at home wearing in a very relaxed and fuss free way saree wrapping.saree wrapping
  2. The corporate Drape – this is the drape preferred by professionals – even young women can easily handled wearing a saree with this style of drapes. The pleats of the saree pallu are collected in one thin pleat and put over the shoulder. This style ensures that the pallu stays intact and doesn’t irritate. The corporate drape is preferred most commonly by airhostesses, where you must have seen and admired the same – female hotel employees are the second highest clientele of this saree draping style.
  3. The open drape – this is one drape that Indian women prefer for festive occasions, preferably to show off a stylish saree.  The saree drape is almost the same, just the pallu is kept open – which ensures that the major saree design of the pallu is visible and falls properly.
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