5 Best Fabrics To Consider While Choosing Men’s T Shirt

Men are also fussy when it comes to choosing the right apparel for the right occasion. They also buy men’s clothings online considering a lot of parameters like fabric, fit, design and  etc. Obviously, comfort is the first thing that stays on top in everyone’s mind while purchasing their clothes. That is why designers have experimented with a variety of fabrics so that you can also explore a wide range of comfortable yet fashionable T-shirts. T-shirts are an integral part of a man’s closet, so one must know what suits him and what doesn’t.

Fabric determines which T-shirt can be worn where or what print/design will look good on it. Today, modern men shop for men’s T-shirt online but they get confused many times about the fabric they need to choose. There are so many options but a good knowledge of different fabrics that make the best of men’s T-shirt will always help in making a good buy.

So, let us take a look at a few most popular and comfortable fabrics which are apt for men’s T-shirt.

Cotton: This is definitely the most popular fabric for T-shirts because it is the most comfortable one. It is a soft, sturdy and breathable material, hence it provides better air circulation. That is why it works both as a formal and casual wear. There are different types of cotton with slight variations like combed cotton, organic cotton etc.

Linen: This is also a comfortable fabric which has a textured weave. It is lightweight and breathable so it is an apt choice for the summers. They become softer with every wash. However, it needs frequent ironing as it gets wrinkled easily.

Polyester: This is one more fabric which makes comfortable T-shirts. They are easy to wash and dry. It shrinks resistant even after several washes. You might see a lot of sports figures using and flaunting this type of fabric.

Lycra: This fabric has an expandable property due to the presence of spandex. It is more like a body-hugging material and looks good on athletes. This facilitates easy movement and also accentuates the muscles, biceps and triceps.

Blended: Finally, we will discuss blended fabrics which is nothing but a mix of different fabrics, mostly two or three. For example, a good combination is mixing cotton and polyester. This brings out the best of both – the softness of cotton and stretchy, wrinkle-free of polyester. T-shirt from a blended fabric looks fabulous and quite comfortable to wear.

If you are buying men’s T-shirt online, you might not be able to check the fabric, so you have to solely depend on what the online portal claims.

So, make sure you buy men’s clothing online from authentic and trustworthy portals and vendors who deliver what they promise. Because, if it is not comfortable to wear, then it’s not worth for your time and money both.


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