Travel The Real Love of Life

Existence is enigmatic to humans. This leaves us amazed and open to changes. We are curious, curious about ourselves and this curiosity creates a lust for new experiences. Travelling is a way to quench this. The reason for the craving to travel is the surety of everything being unsure. When you travel, everything will we dynamic, random and a matter of probabilities. New people will come across, new emotions will be encountered and everything would be new. You’ll be soaking all this in with eyes wide open. It enlarges the frame we consider ourselves to be in and makes us dive deep into the realm of possibilities.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Saint Augustine


Considering the current context of time and lifestyle, life can succumb to commuting to and fro a place daily. Due to material requirements, unknowingly a routine is established which we force ourselves to live in to. Days are spent the same way over and over again. This may lead to stress build-up. In such a scenario travelling can be a great help. It can be a great source of rejuvenation. It provides a break and brings forward aspects of life other than financial satisfaction. You get to discover yourself. Taking a break from day in day out chores and going far makes one realize the fact that how perishable everything is and what infinity actually is.


But encompassing travelling in the context of spiritualism is unworthy of its huge material potential. Countries like India have an expansive ability to attract travellers and tourists. India has the potential to be advertised globally as a successful brand in spiritual attainment. In fact, it actually offers the real taste of travelling. The Ganges, Mughal constructions, forts in Rajasthan or wherever you go peace and love would be prevalent with people welcoming you with an open heart. Except for peace and love everything would be different everywhere; different cultures, traditions, people and everything. Everything would be colourfuland bright and so loud yet peaceful; an excellent example of how silence speaks. Moreover there are a lot of non commercialized places and a lot of villages to travel to. But marketing ourselves as a brand has some prerequisites yet to be attained: cleanliness, basic facilities like electricity and clean water supply, a healthy patrolling network are some of the majors.


Thus, travelling is a perfect blend of experiences, memories, relations and life. It is not merely physical. Although travelling to distant places is fun, but a true traveller keeps travelling irrespective of the place he is at. The range of new emotions we go through daily, new people we meet or see or everything that goes unnoticed is a travel. Every time you travel your perspective is mended and you are left amazed, and every time you think of it you are left with nostalgia.

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